Guerrilla Filmmaker combines the manual control of a pro camera with the quick and easy gesture enabled interface of the iPhone.

The only app to offer a programmable interface for automating a timed sequence of focus, exposure, white balance and zoom changes.

  • Pro level features

    Full manual control of focus, exposure, white balance and zoom. Adjustable frame rate, video bit rate and audio sample rates.

  • Capture tools

    Press anywhere to quickly access focus peaking, false color and scene inspection tools.

  • Instant recall

    Save and recall focus, exposure, zoom and white balance values with a single tap.

  • Adjustable recall timing

    Instantly rack focus or make a gradual dream like focus change. Set up a long slow zoom or time your zoom exactly to a dolly move for that perfect "Vertigo" shot.

  • Full automation

    Hit the play sequence button and record hands free while your focus, zoom, exposure or white balance changes happen automatically.

  • Gesture enabled interface

    Keep your viewing area clean by swiping away any interface elements you don't need for the current shot.

  • It's the programmable keyframe feature that makes this app so interesting and potentially useful. For filmmakers this is a truly amazing feature and one that many professional cameramen would wish their pro cameras has built in.

    Alun Pughe

    Mac Format Magazine

  • Shoot like a pro even on a limited budget with Guerrilla Filmmaker. The controls are intuitive and simple to use, and the built-in tutorials make it even easier to use.

    Jeff Byrnes


  • Reuben
    iOS developer
  • Jason
    UX Designer

First of all, we would like to thank all the people that use Guerrilla Filmmaker and have reached out to us and given their opinions, suggestions and encouragement so far.

We are dedicated to listening to the feedback of Guerrilla Filmmaker users and evolving our app based on this feedback.

Guerrilla Filmmaker was created by a couple of filmmaking enthusiasts that just so happened to know how to build iPhone apps. When it comes down to it, we are just like many of you, admirers and self proclaimed students of film.

This web site and our apps are intended to be resources for everyone interested in making films of all genres. What we hope to start here is a community of filmmaking enthusiasts that want to learn and create. We do not want to just market a product, we want to create tools that we ourselves want to, and will, use.

We are not experts we are explorers.